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OECD offers a searchable list of all specific instances of alleged violations of the OECD Guidelines brought to NCPs.

List of specific instances assessed by the NCP Norway

Industri Energi and DNO

Industri Energi has filed a complaint against Det norske oljeselskapet DNO ASA (DNO) regarding lack of dialogue between DNO and the employee representatives in Yemen in connection with collective dismissals and suspension of production in 2015. Status: Concluded

                          United Steel Workers (USW) and Birlesik Metal IS vs NBIM

nbimlogo100x75United Steel Workers and Birlesik Metal IS’ complaint concerning the Government Pension Fund Global’s investments in the US company Crown Holdings Inc and its alleged violations of labour rights in its subsidiaries in Canada and Turkey. Status: Concluded.

                        Cotton Campaign, Anti-Slavery International and KTNC Watch vs NBIM

nbimlogo100x75The Cotton Campaign, Anti-Slavery International and KTNC Watch concerning the Government Pension Fund Global’s investments in the Korean companies Daewoo International and POSCO, and their alleged use of child and forced labour through a subsidiary in Uzbekistan’s cotton industry. Status: Concluded.


FIVAS vs Norconsult

The Norwegian Association for International Water Studies (FIVAS) filed a complaint against Norconsult concerning its involvement in hydropower projects in Sarawak in Malaysia. Status: Concluded with a joint statement.

RejectedAnonymous complaint
Case rejected on formal grounds because it was anonymous and NCP Norway was therefore not able to assess whether it was legitimate. Furthermore it was not substantiated. Status: Rejected.

JijnjevaerieJijnjevaerie Saami Village vs. Statkraft AS
Jijnjevaerie Saami Village in Sweden claims that a planned wind power project may affect their possibility to live off reindeer herding. Status: Concluded.

SFVS vs. Sjøvik ASNorwegian Support Committee for Western Sahara (NSCWS) vs. Sjøvik AS
Norwegian Support Committee for Western Sahara (NSCWS) and Sjøvik AS signed an agreement in Molde on 2 July 2013 after mediation conducted by Lars Oftedal Broch on behalf of NCP Norway. Status: Concluded

NCP Norway concluded that NBIM, as a manager of the Norwegian State Pension Fund Global, has violated the Guidelines. Status: Concluded

RejectedNorwegian Climate Network and Concerned Scientists Norway vs. Statoil ASA
Case rejected on formal grounds because it was directed towards Canada’s policy of allowing oil sands development rather than towards how Statoil has operated. Status: Rejected

FIOH/FIVH vs IntexFuture In Our Hands (FIOH) vs. INTEX Resources ASA
NCP Norway concluded that Intex Resources ASA has violated the Guidelines, i.a. by not consulting adequately with all potentially affected indigenous groups. Status: Concluded

klage_avvistERoma Refugees vs. Norwegian Church Aid
Case about allegedly hazardous conditions in refugee camps in Kosovo. Rejected because the complaint was not against a company as defined by the Guidelines. Status: Rejected

ForUM et al vs CermaqFriends of the Earth Norway, Forum for Environment and Development (ForUM) vs. Cermaq ASA
ForUM, Friends of the Earth Norway and Cermaq ASA signed a joint statement on sustainable fish farming on 10 August 2011 after mediation by the NCP. Status: Concluded.

Specific instances from before 2011

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