Assessment of Complaints

The NCP offers dialogue and mediation when it receives a complaint concerning alleged  violation of the OECD Guidelines. If the parties do not reach an agreement, the NCP will assess whether or not the Guidelines are violated.

The NCP deals with cases on request. When the NCP receives a complaint, it considers whether the complaint concerns topics covered by the Guidelines, and if the Norwegian NCP is the appropriate authority. That the notification is admitted does not necessarily mean that the enterprise has breached the Guidelines.

The Guidelines specify how the NCPs are to deal with specific instances. The NCP procedure shall be impartial, predictable, equitable and compatible with the Guidelines. The Norwegian NCP also strives to comply with the UN effectiveness criteria for non-judicial grievance mechanisms, and has more detailed procedural routines.

In addition to the transparency requirements of the Guidelines, the Norwegian NCP complies with the Norwegian Freedom of Information Act and practices enhanced access to information.

All information will be made public, except when information may cause harm to individuals, reveal business secrets or expose certain details of the mediation process. As a consequence, all correspondence with the NCP can be made publically available if someone asks for access to it.

NCP Norway publishes all reports, including initial assessments, final statements and mediated outcomes. The NCP also issues a press release when a case is closed.

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