Jijnjevaerie Saami Village in Sweden claims that a planned wind power project may affect their possibility to live off reindeer herding. Status: Mediation concluded without result.

Date Filed: 29 October 2012
Status: The Swedish and the Norwegian National Contact Points for the OECD Guidelines facilitated dialogue between Jijnjevaerie Sami Village and Statkraft SCA Vind AB (SSVAB) upon request from the Sami Village. Former President of the Court of Appeal Anders Iacobaeus (Sweden) was assigned to mediate after a public tender. Mediation was concluded without a result. Concluded with Final statement 9 February 2016.
Industry concerned: Energy
Company/ies: Statkraft AS
Complainant(s): Jijnijevaerie Saami Village
Lead National Contact Point: Sweden
Secondary National Contact Point(s): Norway
Relevant Chapter(s) of the Guidelines: II (General Policies), IV (Human Rights), VI (Environment)
Documents available online: Press release – Final statementNCP initial assessmentComplaintPreliminary views from companyPress release on agreement