Støttekomiteen for Vest-Sahara vs. Sjøvik AS

NCP Norway invited NSCWS and Sjovik AS to a follow-up meeting on 15 May 2014 to discuss their joint statement signed on 2 July 2014 after mediation by former Supreme Court Judge Lars Oftedal Broch. The NCP commends both parties for participating constructively in the dialogue facilitated by the NCP. The case is now closed.

Date Filed: 5 December 2011
Status: Concluded by mediation
Industry concerned: Fishing
Company/ies: Sjøvik AS
Complainant(s): Norwegian Support Committee for Western Sahara (NSCWS) (NGO)
Lead National Contact Point: Norway
Secondary National Contact Point(s): Morocco
Relevant Chapter(s) of the Guidelines: Chapter IV (Human Rights)
Documents available online: Letter to Kosmos (nov. 2016) –  Reflections on the process  Agenda follow-up meeting (in Norwegian)– NCP Norway Secretariat Reflections on the process (in Norwegian) – Joint statement – NCP Norway Final Statement – Joint press release from the parties, the mediator and the NCP (in Norwegian) – Initial AssessmentPress ReleaseComplaint (in Norwegian)