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The guidance highlights key considerations for institutional investors in carrying out due diligence for responsible business conduct and in that way contribute to a level playing field in the sector.

The document is the first of a series of guidance for the financial sector, developed by “OECDs Responsible Business Conduct in the Financial Sector Project”.

The aim of the guidance is to provide a common understanding of institutional investors’ responsibility and how to carry out due diligence in a demanding and challenging financial sector. More than 50 representatives with different background from world leading financial institutions, authorities, and civil society have contributed to develop the guidance.

The guidance emphasises that by conducting due diligence, in line with the OECD guidelines, investors will avoid negative impact on people, the environment and society, as well as financial and reputational risks.


  • Responsible Business Conduct for Institutional Investors – Key considerations for due diligence under the OECD Guidelines (English)
  • Flyer about the guidance (English)
  • Information about the guidance (English)