The National Contact Point for Responsible Business Conduct Norway has concluded the specific instance and issued the final statement.

DNO ASA is not found to be in violation of the OECD Guidelines for responsible business conduct but is encouraged in the future to respect the National Contact Point grievance mechanism.

The specific instance concerns a complaint from Industri Energi where it claimed that DNO had not complied with Yemeni law concerning pay and working conditions for former employees. Industri Energi claimed that this was a violation of the recommendations set out in the OECD Guidelines.

Due to the demanding situation in Jemen and DNO’s unwillingness to transparent participation in processes before the NCP, the NCP has not succeeded in establishing whether DNO has failed to comply with domestic (labour) law and thus failed to comply with the OECD Guidelines.

The NCP recommends that DNO in future:

• respects the NCP’s grievance mechanism, which is a key element in the OECD Guidelines, and cooperates with the NCP in good faith, and
• maps what constitutes comparable pay conditions in Yemen, and applies them
• follows up its promise to enter into agreements on pay and back payment in line with Yemeni law.