The submitters contend that Telenor has failed to observe the recommendations of the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises when it comes to risk-based due diligence, stakeholder engagement and disclosure in their disengagement from Myanmar. The complainants have asked for an expedited handling of the submission due to the human rights and security situation in the country.

The Norwegian NCP has considered the admissibility criteria of the Initial Assessment process and has determined that the issues raised in the complaint merit further consideration. The NCP has made no determination as to whether the company has acted consistently with the OECD Guidelines. The NCP will now offer the parties its good offices, with a view to achieving a resolution of the issues raised.

See the Initial Assessment of the NCP and other documents in the specific instance here.

Please direct any questions about the specific instance to the Chair of the Norwegian NCP, Frode Elgesem.