Nina Mjøberg from LO – the Norwegian confederation of Trade Unions, and Henrik Munthe from NHO, the Norwegian Confederation of Business, talks about the Covid-19 pandemic and consequences for work and employment in an interview in the annual report of Norway’s NCP,

Mjøberg and Munthe represent Norway in the ILO. In the interview, (conducted 15th January), they discuss requirements to create decent work that is better prepared for future crisis. They both point out that tripartite cooperation is key.

In Norway, tripartite cooperation – cooperation between the organisations that represent employers, employees and the government – is a cornerstone of society. When the pandemic caused Norway to shut down, the first thing LO and NHO did was call each other. The parties have since worked closely with the Government to plot a course through the crisis.

Represents Norway in the ILO: Nina Mjøberg from LO and Henrik Munthe from NHO.

Many countries, however, lack collaborative structures, and relations between the parties are hostile. This has contributed to less effective handling of the pandemic. Many employees have lost their jobs with no access to welfare schemes or salary compensation,’ is Nina Mjøberg’s dismal summary.

The pandemic can push more people into the informal sector,’ according to Mjøberg. ‘It is therefore essential to facilitate job creation in the formal sector. Decent work, as ILO calls it,’ Henrik Munthe adds.

Read the whole interview in the annual report of Norway’s NCP.