The OECD National Contact Point system gives individuals, local communities and organisations a grievance mechanism when they believe that enterprises have failed to observe the guidelines for responsible business conduct. This makes the OECD Guidelines unique.

The NCP handles complaints against Norwegian enterprises and enterprises that operate in Norway.

The complaint mechanism is non-judicial. The NCP offers dialogue and mediation between the parties, and the goal of the process is to arrive at a joint solution. The handling of specific instances must be impartial, predictable, fair and in line with the Guidelines. The specific instances are handled in accordance with the procedures set out in the OECD Guidelines.

Complaints from A to Z

Initial assessment
Mediation or examination
Final statement

Online mediation – Mediation during the pandemic

ONLINE MEDIATION: From the left: National Mediator of Norway Mats Ruland and Knut Kaasen, professor at the University of Oslo’s Faculty of Law.

The pandemic greatly impacted the way meetings were held also in 2021, including for mediation. The NCP started mediation in one specific instance early in 2021, involving multiple parties in different regions and time zones. Physical meetings were not possible, and mediation was carried out via Zoom.


Many NCPs have carried out online mediation during the pandemic, and the NCPs have exchanged experience and learnt from each other. Norway’s NCP has found online mediation demanding. However, expedient technical assistance and professional mediators and interpreters have nonetheless made it work across languages, time zones and different opinions.

External mediators – new practice

The NCP increasingly makes use of external expertise in mediation between the parties in specific instances. The cases are often complex and it may be beneficial to draw on expertise with respect to mediation and the issues raised.

Through an informal collaboration with the National Mediator of Norway, the NCP has drawn on the experience of National Mediator Mats Ruland and mediator Nils-Henrik von der Fehr. The NCP has also recruited international experts to mediate in specific instances.

During 2021, the OECD has established a dedicated resource database where professional mediators can register their interest and assist in mediation for different countries’ NCPs.

Seminar on the complaints process