One of the NCP’s most important tasks is to promote the OECD’s Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises as an effective tool for preventing adverse impacts. The Guidelines are more than just words. They are a practical tool that can prevent Norwegian businesses from making the wrong decisions in interactions with people, society and the environment.

Norway’s NCP carries out extensive information work and provides guidance to Norwegian businesses and other stakeholders on how they can meet the expectations in the OECD Guidelines, including through due diligence courses and sector-specific guidance.

The Transparency Act: A game changer for responsible business conduct
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Panel debate on the Transparency Act
New policy director strengthens the NCP

In connection with the launch of its annual report, the NCP invites stakeholders from the business sector, employer and employee organisations and civil society to an annual dialogue meeting. Two panel debates provided important input on relevant topics.

‘The annual dialogue meeting is important to the NCP, because it provides input and critical feedback from our most important stakeholders. It has direct implications for how we work and what we work on,’ says Elgesem.

PANEL DEBATE 1: A discussion of due diligence
PANEL DEBATE 2: A discussion of social safeguards in sustainable finance

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