One of the NCP’s most important tasks is to promote the OECD’s Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises as an effective tool for preventing violations.

The Guidelines are more than just words. They are a practical tool that can prevent Norwegian companies from making the wrong decisions in meetings
with people, society and the environment in other countries.

Norway’s NCP carries out extensive information work and provides guidance to Norwegian businesses and other stakeholders on how they can meet the requirements of the OECD Guidelines, including through due diligence courses and sectorspecific guidance.

A prerequisite for profitability
The Norwegian Government: Companies shall lead the field in the work on responsible business conduct.

Course in responsible business conduct and due diligence

Educating businesses for a responsible future

The NCP’s courses teach businesses how to establish whether their activities could be associated with harm to people, society or the environment.

What is responsible business conduct and what does it mean in practice? This is what businesses taking the NCP’s popular course on responsible business conduct and due diligence will learn more about.

The course runs over three days and is suited to all types of enterprises with international activities, regardless of their size and the sector they operate in.

The purpose of the course is to help the participants to get started or prepare the work on mapping and handling risks internally in the business and externally in the supply chain and with business associates.

The course consists of both theory and practice. The participants learn about the governing international standards for responsible business conduct, such as the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, the necessity of stakeholder engagement and the due diligence method. The participants work actively with this method using the NCP’s tool, the RBC Compass, with help from the external advisers. The attending businesses share their experiences and explain how they work on responsible business conduct in practice.

Norway’s NCP ran two courses in 2019. So far, 61 businesses and more than 100 people have participated in the five courses the NCP has held to date. Norway’s NCP ran two courses in 2019. So far, 61 businesses and more than 100 people have participated in the five courses the NCP has held to date.

Knud Nørve, member of the board, Juralco AS
‘The course was very helpful and well organised by the NCP. The course organiser and the guest lecturers gave us a good understanding of the OECD Guidelines and which duties we are subject to, including in relation to our suppliers. We also received a thorough introduction to the guidance document, which provides good advice on how to conduct due diligence.’

Brita Bergland, CSR Advisor, Aker Energy AS
‘For a relatively new company like Aker Energy, the course was useful because we learned about how other companies work on strategic risk management. The network we gained through the course came in handy when we were to conduct our first materiality analysis for the company’s sustainability strategy: We asked participants from the financial sector to provide input on how they assessed the company’s ESG profile.’

Kristina Hesjedal Schnell, Risk Manager Norway, TechnipFMC
‘The NCP’s course was both educational and interesting, with varied and helpful presentations. We have learned a lot about the Guidelines, gained a new network and received useful tips on how we can continue our work on sustainability in the company.’

Workshops, Seminars and Events

Seminar: Indigenous rights in focus
Topical seminar for state-owned companies
The NCP dialogue meeting: everyone needs to work as a team

External activities

The Government encourages Norwegian businesses to use the due diligence guidance document
Launch of the NCP’s introduction to the OECD Due Diligence Guidance
CSR as part of the personnel function
Seminar and event to promote the OECD Guidelines
‘SheDil’ – new tool for employing a gender focus in the due diligence process
Better guidance for businesses from Norwegian foreign service missions
Spotlight on Norwegian energy companies and CSR abroad